Mixing Tank System

It can be used for stirring and mixing raw materials, single-tank circulating grinding, and double-tank batch grinding to achieve uniform grinding effect, and provide various customized combinations according to requirements.


  • Double tank : batch grinding,uniformity performance

  • Single tank : closed circuit grinding

  • Jacket heating / Jacket cooling.
  • Human-centered design HMI. 

  • We provide five types of mixing blade combinations.

  • Customizable parts: pressure meter, thermometer , pneumatic valve…


50L mixing tank RA50-HX-C              Double tanks RX series,single jacket RX500-SA-N


  • Emulsifying Head (HX):Creates internal convection and sheer force, which disperse the materials evenly, applicable with mid-low viscosity.

  • High speed mixing blade(SX):Disperse powder evenly, makes materials in dispersed phase before grinding.

  • Teflon Scraper (AX):Decrease residues on tank walls, and makes dispersion more evenly, especially for high viscosity materials.

  • High speed mixing blade+ Teflon Scraper / Emulsifying Head+ Teflon Scraper (HA):Using Teflon Scraper with any of our mixing blades could obtain the best mixed result.



Example: chose single tank 800L high speed+ Teflon Scraper→ RA800 ‒ SA-N