HOUCHI machine provides you with solutions suitable for food. The corresponding equipment and products are as follows:


HT Ceramic Bead mill

All ceramic grinding parts are free of metal contamination.
The HT Series features a unique dynamic gap design that reduces clogging and is suitable for applications with viscosities below 30,000 cps.

Mixing Tank System

Mixing Tank System

It can be used for stirring and mixing raw materials, single-tank circulating grinding, and double-tank batch grinding to achieve uniform grinding effect, and provide various customized combinations according to requirements.


TOSOH Zirconia-Beads

  • Suitable for wet grinding and dispersing applications, including the processing of highly viscous materials.

    • Higher density – a greater impact force resulting in superior grinding efficiency
    • Smooth surface, ideal roundness/sphericity and narrow size distribution – higher productivity grinding and dispersion
    • Higher wear resistance -minimizing product contamination from media wear
    • Resistant to rust and corrosion – compatible with water based processing