NT Nano Ceramic Bead Mill

The NT mill has a unique rotor system designed to improve grinding efficiency, reduce power consumption and heat generation compared to traditional grinders, and bring nano-grinding technology into a new era.


  • Ceramic mill (Zirconia) components - Avoid metal pollution、increase erosion resistant、wear resistance

  • Computer remote control - Data storage

  • Grinding Media - Smallest bead size: 0.1 mm Zirconia beads

  • Dynamic filter design - Avoid clogging

  • Silicon carbide grinding chamber - Wear resistance & high cooling capacity

  • Special turbo design - Improve efficiency

Grinding chamber schematic diagram
Dynamic filter

Paints and coatings / Printing inks / Pigments and dyes / Automobile coatings / Agrochemicals / Nano paste / Electronic Paste / Ceramic inks / Biomaterials / Metal oxides